The next Executive Committee Meeting will be at :

OUP Social club, Jordan Hill, Oxford

on the 21 September 2016 at 20:00 hrs. 


Minutes of the Small-Bore Rifle Committee meeting held on Wednesday 8th June 2016 at the OUP Sports and Social Club.  Commenced at 2007 hrs.

 PRESENT:  T.A.Bounds (Chairman/Witney), A. Gunn (Secretary), J Sims (City of Oxford/NSRA rep and County Capt), D. Leigh (ORA Treasurer / Deddington), Alan Smith (Abingdon School), F. Slade (Bicester), A. Munday (Chiltern) and Ian King (Henley).  

  1. APOLOGIES:  Joanna Sims, G. Nowell (Harwell) and Andrew Walker.  Apologies not received from) S. Farmer (Wantage), S. Twomey (Chinnor), J. Privett (Deddington), James Plunkett (ISIS) and Alex Robertson (Leagues organiser).

  1. MINUTES:  Of the meeting held on the 2nd March 2016, these were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman, subject to one correction that it is Alan Smith, not Allen.

  1. MATTERS ARISING:  Frank mentioned that it was encouraged that the Club scores are entered onto the web straight away, subject to amendment.  Another local scoring course will be organised by John Sims, he’s already got ten names of interested parties.  Frank asked if Trevor’s “A” class scorer is able to also run it, indications are that Mr Flogget has to oversee it.  Frank also suggests that a deadline is established by which ALL SCORERS must have attended a local scoring course, to ensure constringency of scoring.  It’s suggested by the start of the winter Leagues, but John Sims would organise.  Plug gauges are no longer permitted.  Annual meeting went well.  Autumn meeting - John is planning on holding it again at Beckley.


  1. EXECUTIVE REPORT:  John has nothing to report.


  1. CAPTAINS REPORTS: John Sims reported about the Annual meeting at Beckley, a better turnout of 27, but a few other’s were missing.  Good weather, but an interesting wind, picked up in the afternoon.  Joanna was thanked for Her catering, that was well received.  John proposed that the autumn shoot is later, ie late September or early October, with a 100 yd competition, to compensate for the Wright Cup, concerning the Otmoor situation, this was agreed and left to John to select a date.  Kidlington Sports club has been booked for the Annual Dinner for Friday the 18th November.  John will organise the web details.
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    5. 3P:


  1. NSRA:  John updated us about the County eligibility criteria concerning Club’s/County.  He reported that the NSRA has now abandon the previous solution that was due to start in April and has now gone back to square one.  He reported that the NSRA cannot come to a decision.  One way Frank suggested, was where you paid the Council Tax.  Frank mentions that you can shoot FB for an Oxon Club, yet cannot shoot SB for the County, seems crazy!  The NSRA Hotel is still on the cards and the NRA have been having problems concerning services on site.  John then went through the various winner’s, at the Annual meeting.


  1. AOB.  Ian King mentioned that they struggle to get members out to do their outdoor cards, it was suggested that ORA cards can be shot on any range.  Concern was mentioned about the Wendover Range, rent was mentioned, the current believed to be in the range of £2.000 PA, but could be increasing to £3-5.000 PA.  Concerning the effects of HS2, will it remain?  Frank reported about the possible alterations to the Bicester Range indoor range being relocated and alterations to the outdoor at Chesington, it has the potential of a considerably improved facilities, potentially that all the firing points will be capable of 100 yards, with a potential 100 yd Full-bore pipe range.    Frank hope to be able to report more about the proposals at our next meeting.  Their rent has increased from £1.300 to £2.200.  Other range rents were mentioned, but Chipping Norton was regarded as the cheapest.  Trevor mentioned that the Wright Cup is SB property, also that the Col Sir John Thompson trophy, no set rules for exist for this Trophy, each section to choose for summer/autumn.


Meeting closed at 2054 hrs.