• The online booking system is now available. Please ensure you pre-book sessions to ensure range availability. You may shoot at any time during the session hours, restricted slot booking does not apply but please note that you may only shoot during scheduled sessions. Please use the button above to access the booking system. Remember, if you do not pre-book the range may not be available when you arrive. If you cannot use the booking system for any reason, please contact Frank Slade directly (07799685333), no later than 6pm on the day before you wish to shoot.
  • Covid safety restrictions will apply, please follow the duty RO's directions.
  • As the range reopens we are adding additional sessions all the time. Please check regularly to see the latest schedule.
  • If you have never shot at Chesterton before and are unsure how to setup your gun for long range shooting, please make this known to the duty RO before you start shooting! 
  • During the wet weather the route to the range around the Cricket pitch may change, please ensure you follow any directions given when you arrive.

We will continue to review the situation and will act as the Government advice is updated. If you have any questions, please contact the Committee.


Please keep yourselves safe.

Contact us at:


As you are aware, the BSA are concerned about the damage caused to their pitch by our driving to and from the range, particularly following wet weather. We continue to work and plan with the BSA towards a permanent solution by installing a matted roadway, however in the meantime the BSA have asked that we undertake the following points to limit the ongoing damage when accessing the range.

  • Only members carrying firearms are permitted to drive to the range – all other members should park in the main carpark and walk. Firearms must never be carried on foot between the carpark and the range at any time.
  • Please take note of any temporary signage posted in the corner of the carpark before driving onto the grass.
  • Please note, use of the new roadway will require some ongoing restrictions to ensure its longevity. A strict 10mph speed limit is in force.
  • Please do not drive off the roadway and venture onto the grass or pitches, there are passing places and a new parking area next to the range. If cricket is in play, please
    wait until the current over has completed before driving across bowler/batsman’s line of sight.
  • Please avoid using particularly large or heavy vehicles. (wherever possible).

Ensure that you use our online booking system, if the BSA consider that recent weather precludes our using the range on a specific day we will attempt to contact all booked members on the previous evening to avoid wasted journeys. Please check your email (including the junk!) before you travel if the weather has been poor.


We are working with the BSA to keep the disruption to a minimum, I ask that you please do everything possible to minimise the damage and ensure the club can keep the range open over the Winter.