The Oxford Rd Indoor range is now open for shooting.

Fortnightly every Sunday from 09:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs for Back Powder and Centre Fire weapons.

Contact Bruce Shakespeare at ​​​
​​mailto:​​​ for further details.


ORA Run - Cap and Ball Revolver

Shot in two classes. Fixed and adjustable sights.

No restriction on propellant used other than restrictions and conditions of the range being used.

Two handed hold is permitted, however please keep at least one eye open.

Course of fire is to consist of four rounds shot over a period of four months.

Each round will consist of two cards of six shots (twelve shots in total)

The best five shots on each card to count.

targets to be used are PL 12.

All shot holes to be gauged with .44 cal.

Open Meetings for Repeating Pistols

 The Surrey Branch of the M.L.A.G.B. set up this type of shoot especially for a wider range of both firearms and courses of fire, allowing Black Powder substitutes and “Smokeless Conversions” and even two-handed shooting.

 The programme includes Slow-, Timed- & Rapid-fire, “Bobber” (turning target) and “Surrenden” (against the clock) for     “Standard, Target and Free Percussion Revolvers” and “Modern Muzzle-loading pistols”.

 It is likely that the NRA Rules will be expanding to cover these classifications and courses, which will affect the various Open Meetings such as the “Phoenix”, “Imperial Historic Arms”  and the “Trafalgar”.

 There are already three 2017 Open Meetings at Bisley for these – April 8/9 (Army Target Shooting Club),  April 22/23 (South London Rifle Club) and May 6/7 (M.L.A.G.B. National Meeting) --- all awaiting written confirmation of the bookings by the NRA.

 Also in the pipeline are matches at the “NRA Imperial Meeting” (?  July 15/16) and one run by Surrey Branch, MLAGB --- possibly in September.

 Details will be available from the main website of the MLAGB as well as the Surrey Branch site so……….

 Watch these spaces!