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Oxfordshire Rifle Association

Annual Dinner & Presentation of Prizes for 2022
Friday 25th November 2022

Littlebury Hotel
Kings End
OX26 6DR

Tickets: £40.00
Juniors £25.00

Time: 7:30pm for
Dress: Lounge Suits

This will be the first time the Association has staged the Annual Dinner
since 2019.The previous occasion was a great success.
All county shooters who have won cups, trophies and medals will be
presented them by our guest speaker Mr Richard Fisher – Founder of
the Vickers Machine Gun Collection & Research Association. Richard
started collecting militaria as a 10 year old. His specific interest in the
Vickers Machine Gun was a result of his grandfather’s service in WW2
as a machine gunner in the Cheshire Regiment in Italy.
See below forthe menu and booking form with payment details.

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Minimum Number of Range Attendances

This is a gentle reminder that a small minority of our members are not acting according to our rules and regulations. This is in regard of range attendances.

We do not grant membership just so that they can hold an FAC.

TVP also require a minimum number of usages per weapon. This also needs to be recorded for future use of FAC renewal.

Home Office  require noncompliance to be reported to TVP.

Please save me from having to do this.

best regards to you all

Frank Slade

Membership Secretary

Improvements to Chesterton since January 1st this year

1). Heating and lighting have been installed in the “clubhouse”.

2). Lighting and power have been installed into the covered firing point

     (A huge thankyou to Stuart for installing the hardware for the above, electricity is provided by the generator the club bought at the end of last year ).

3). A two lane , 10m , air range has been installed with electric target retrieval and lighting – this down to Frank, Peter Copeland, and Stuart.

4). David has sprayed the sand traps on 50 ad 100 backstops and will continue to do so every fortnight so we should be able to keep the sand in good condition throughout the year.

5). All the woodwork on the covered firing point has been painted, thanks Griff.

6). Bob has disposed of rubbish, tidied the cage, and brushed the floor of the covered firing point and the whole place looks like a serious range again.


The above are the main points but other works have also been carried out – like securing warning flags securely to their carabiniers which will hopefully put an end to lost carabiniers and make the life of RCO’s a bit easier.

Newsletter & Other Files

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Club Renewal Reminder

Members are required to shoot at least ten times a year.

Covid restrictions "may" be accepted by TVP but do not depend upon it.

Remember, no shooting means no ammunition used. This leads to cutting your holding allowance or in some cases, loss off holding altogether.

As a Club, we do not exist just for members to obtain/retain an FAC without participating in Club activities.

TVP require a yearly report of Members non-attendance and leavers.

Members require a record of shooting attendances for the previous five years for FAC renewal.

In your hands.

Membership_Renewal_Information_2021.pdf Membership_Renewal_Information_2021.pdf
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Membership Form -Renewal 2022.pdf Membership Form -Renewal 2022.pdf
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