Our club caters for all types of shooting, from air pistol through to smallbore, black powder and fullbore.

We have an indoor 25 yard range with four firing points at Oxford Road in Bicester and an outdoor range with eight firing points at 50 metres and at 100 yards at Chesterton.

The main disciplines are for smallbore (.22 LR) Target Rifle, including Light Weight Sport Rifle ( .22LR) and Air Weapons (.177 only).

We have recently upgraded the indoor range to facilitate the use of Muzzle Loading (Black Powder) and centre fire weapons, and are in the process of doing the same at our outside range at Chesterton.

There is access to other ranges for fullbore.

All over the age of twelve are welcome, (with parent/guardian present) beginners and the more experienced.

The club has a selection of equipment and weapons for use of new members.  Instruction in the safe use and handling of weapons and coaching is given free of charge.

For further details contact Frank Slade at frank@oxrifle.org.uk

Bicester Town & District Rifle& Pistol Club


A view from the firing point at Chesterton.

A view from the Covered Firing Point of the 100 yard and 50 meter ranges as Chesterton.